Costa del Sol


Playa Nueva Andalucía

From Málaga airport, a shuttle took us to the hotel on the beach of Nueva Andalucía. It was blue sky, as promised by the name Costa del Sol. So we walked up and down the beautiful sandy beach, past the famous Puerto Banús marina to Torre Faro. We then planned the next few days until sunset. The next morning we started a walking tour to Marbella. First passing the Monumento a Don Juan, we later came to the beautiful terraced buildings of the Ocean Club Marbella and the yachts at the harbor. The further way led through a park at the Torre Ancón to the beautiful Playa Casablanca.

There, a beautiful bench made of Andalusian ceramics invited us to rest all too briefly, because other tourists found the photo motif just as successful. So further in bright sunshine. At Playa de la Fontanilla sand artists built beautiful figures, of course, there was for the effort deserved tip 🙂. We find Street Art fascinating anyway, whether opera singers and painters in the streets of Lucca, mimes in Barcelona or Rome. They master great art, but live with the rapid transience of their works.


Once in Marbella, we walked past wonderful sandy beaches to the Avenida del Mar. On this boulevard with palm trees and picturesque sea view are sculptures by Salvador Dalí. Through the Parque de la Alameda we entered the beautiful old town with its narrow streets and Andalusian houses with balconies decorated with flowers. The alley Pantaleón is so narrow that you can touch both walls with your hands. After visiting La Encarnación Cathedral, we were drawn back to the sea by the weather. Via the promenade Paseo Maritimo we made our way back under palm trees.

Back at the marina, we saw African street vendors a bit off the promenade. I wanted to buy an FC Barcelona T-shirt for my youngest and approached them. approached them. Like in an agent movie, we were told a place to go. Once there, two people were watching on the street corners while we picked out the shirt. After the purchase they ran away, it was even briefly exciting today 🙂. Should it probably be so that the super rich around the corner these People did begrudge the few pennies and had made the police keen on it? Since the 60's the area around Marbella, especially at the yacht harbor Puerto Banús has a great attraction for important people from all over the world.

In the harbor yachts of all sizes are moored, per year and place one paid at present partly over 500,000 €. If one goes into the luxury shopping zone, one finds oneself between Ferraris, Maseratis and luxury boutiques again. Who wants, can also still in the Billionaire club, with 1000 € entrance. The human exuberance is here boundless 🤢.

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