Keflavik - Reykjavik

We took the shuttle from the airport to the northernmost capital of the world: Reykjavik. After checking into our hotel, we set off on a walk through the already evening city. We had also planned to walk around the city the next day, but we wanted to see the beautiful 75 m high Hallgrímskirkja in the evening, beautifully illuminated. In the foreground of the church is a statue of Leif Eriksson, who discovered North America in the year 1000. Afterwards we strolled through the narrow streets of the old town with countless colorfully lit bars and restaurants and a nightlife worthy of a capital 🙂.

In the morning, we made our way to the old harbor and the Harpa, Concert and Conference Center, an impressive glass building. The honeycomb-like glass elements react to daylight and weather with a play of changing colors. It was too dull for that today, but on the last day should be fine. We walked along the beautiful promenade, cairns everywhere, and here and there something artistic et al. the Sun ride, a boat made of stainless steel. That's probably why the promenade is called Sculpture & Shore Walk. In the background the modern skyline of the city. Away from the promenade we passed the sculpture of Ingólfur Arnarson. According to prevailing opinion he and his men were the first settlers of Iceland around the year 870 and named the place Reykjavik.

Museums were here for everything, so we passed next to an Icelandic punk museum also a penis museum. Yesterday the Hallgrímskirkja was closed in the evening, today we could see it from the inside. It is the largest church building in Iceland, an evangelical Lutheran parish church and looks inside in contrast to us known churches very bright and tidy, in the sense of minimalist. Few decorative elements, inside all white with gothic cross vault. Outside, the architecture leans on a waterfall framed by basalt columns.

Through the quarter of the gods, all streets here were named after Nordic deities, we ended up at the city lake. Quite particularly successful and funny I found there the Monument to the Unknown Bureaucrat 🙂. At some point we found ourselves again at the old port and looked at us still the Harpa from the inside. A very young and creative city, was our first impression.

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