Capo Vaticano

Via the airport Lametia Terme we reached Calabria. With the shuttle we drove to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Once there, we first took possession of our beautiful hotel. It was located a few kilometers away from Capo Vaticano, in Torre Santa Maria. We could not imagine why there are so few vacationers here, it is located directly on a cliff with fantastic views of the coast. The equally enchanting pool we used only in the evening, we had to move first after the journey. So we walked first to the famous viewpoint Capo Vaticano, a rocky outcrop on the sea. On the way to the lighthouse there is one hotel after the other. But next to it there is again a wonderful view over the coast.

We walked past numerous prickly pears, down a path to the beach. Clear water, blue sky. We had to go to the town afterwards, look how and from where one can go here on discovery trips. In the local market we found what we were looking for, from there the buses drove and you could book excursions. So, now but quickly back to the pool, bathing in the sunset 🙂.


The next morning we took the shuttle bus to Tropea. This stopped just outside and we walked down a busy street to the old town. Tropea is located on a rocky plateau, you have wonderful views of sandy beaches with turquoise blue water below. But the main attraction is the sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola, which is located on an offshore rock. It is said to have been owned by the Benedictine Abbey of Monte Cassino since 1066, funny, that's far away, of course. But that's where we marched to first. At the Porta vaticana we took the stairs down to the beach, then we went up again stairs up to the sandstone rock.

The church is a pilgrimage destination mainly because of a 12th century portrait of the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Tropea. Besides the unique panoramic view over the town and the coast, a very well-kept Mediterranean garden behind the building invites you to linger. We walked down again and at the beautiful sandy beach Spiaggia di Tropea along below the rock wall. A bit around the rock we walked back up to the old town. Passing countless restaurants, cafes and souvenir stores, we tasted the local ice cream tartufo, a vanilla ice cream ball with a chocolate coating and chocolate cream filling. My friend from Rome, who was born here, had recommended Gelateria Gelati Tonino for this. A dream. Then it was already again time to run to the bus, the sunset at the pool calls 🙂.

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