Greece - Crete

Heraklion - Chania - Chora Sfakion - Loutro - Lykos Beach

On the Jerusalem Way I had discovered a place on the E4, I wanted to hike with Manu: Lykos Beach. An idyll, in contrast to the hectic northern part of Crete. The journey is a bit awkward, but it's worth it. From Heraklion we first went by bus to Chania, then on to Chora Sfakion. Here you already get the south coast feeling with blue skies. Further with the ferry we reach the picture book village of Loutro. From there we have to walk over a rock to Lykos Beach. In the meantime it was afternoon, very hot, so we went after bathing in the turquoise blue water immediately into relaxation mode 🙂.

The owner of Georgoshouse, uses for the stylish appearance of his small garden only natural materials: stones, plants, etc. Every day he comes up with something new. When I was here before, he sometimes cooked lunch with a parabolic mirror in the sun. Every evening the sea only 5 meters away, sunset and cold drinks, we looked forward to it. We also planned the next hiking routes and followed the ongoing World Cup games. Only at night, it cooled little, so we secretly turned away each other's fan in the small room 🙂.

Lykos Beach - Loutro

After the fine breakfast we went today to acclimatize a small round to Loutro. First the path runs directly through a hotel complex. Then it goes dry, dusty rocky paths along over a rock, more impressive is then the descent into the former fishing village. The white houses, the deep blue water and the brown mountains offer a wonderful view along the coast. In the village there are no streets and cars, everything is brought over the water. Pure relaxation. We stroll through the place, here there is except sandy beach everything that the tourist heart desires. Hardly to believe, but here you can find some hiking trails, most of them lead over the steep mountains.

We take back another path, along the beautiful coast of the Libyan Sea. At the beginning it is a firm path that passes by the Sotiros Christou Church and the ruins of an orthodox chapel, later it becomes more demanding. Over rocks and stones you will reach a bay with a small hotel before it goes widely around a rock in the direction of Phoenix (Finix) Bay. Now it is time to get rid of the dust in the sea.

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