Elbe cycle path


Dresden - Kreinitz (61 km)

By train we first went to Dresden, from the station we went directly over the Elbe bridge onto the bike path. In warm weather we drove past beautiful floodplain forests and fields. Actually very pleasant, I had imagined that I can use my backpack the same way as with the pilgrimage or hiking. Means, I didn't buy any bags for the bike, the whole weight was on my butt. I felt that quickly, the first days we had to pause therefore more often than planned 😥. So also shortly before the Boselspitze at a beautiful rest area with fine views.

The route follows the Saxon Wine Route, past Meissen, the beautiful Albrechtsburg Castle towers over the banks of the Elbe. Further along the right bank of the Elbe, past a wingless windmill near Grödel, we reached Promnitz Castle. It had become hot and we rested there with coffee and home-baked cake. A charitable association is restoring the castle, which had almost been written off. Arrived at the country inn of our today's goal Kreinitz, we refueled first liquid on in the shade of the terrace. An elderly couple looks after the inn with stoic composure. Enjoying the evening sky on the Elbe, the first beautiful day on the Elbe found its end.

Kreinitz - Sachau (70 km)

In the morning it rained extremely, we were just in Mühlberg. Since it can be difficult to navigate with the app and we lost us first properly on the way to the Elbe bridge to continue left of the Elbe. Along the border with Brandenburg we drive past fields and small lakes via Belgern in the Renaissance town of Torgau. At the magnificent Renaissance castle Hartenfels we walked into the beautiful city center and first treated ourselves to a cafe visit. Further on in cloudy, but dry weather we went through floodplain forests and small villages until we changed at the destination Sachau from Saxony to Saxony-Anhalt.

Meanwhile sunnier, we walked another round in the evening glow and spent the rest of the day on the terrace of the beautiful pension.

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