Travel reports

Costa del Sol

2015-10-28 - 2015-11-03

The Sun Coast belongs to the province of Málaga in Andalusia, has year-round mild temperatures and an interesting cultural landscape.


Camino francés

2009-12-18 - 2010-01-15

The classic pilgrimage in winter. It leads over a distance of almost 800 kilometers across the north of Spain from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela.


Caminho português

2015-04-05 - 2015-04-16

Pilgrimage from Porto to Santiago de Compostella. A very relaxed way through 2 countries and cultures.



2014-10-25 - 2014-10-29

The impetus for the short trip to the capital of Catalonia was mainly the architecture of Gaudí. But Barcelona is also one of the trendiest cities in Europe.

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